NEED a musician!!!!

2017-09-24 09:24:14 by Mrspringy

i NEED a musician for my animation im all ready done i just need music

is you know somebody who will make some music for free for not a good movie please tell my

and if you are somewhat a good musician and can make madness music tell me i will tell you what to do 

and here have a photo6159949_150625937612_n.png

thanks if you commented on this post not that usefull but i need music for this thing 

thank you old sports for reading this see ya later



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2017-09-24 09:34:03

idk, Zeophyte? Djjaner? XD


2017-09-24 10:11:24

Hey, I could give it a go. Can you give me the details?


2017-09-24 11:28:14

Actually, i think Djjaner takes oders for music.