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2017-10-07 02:54:03 by Mrspringy

pls vote on which test i should do next im finishing up a hank test and im gonna do a kelzad test

pick which one is going to be next

thank you and have a nice day old sports



2017-10-03 10:24:05 by Mrspringy

so... today is my birthday 

im 14 yaay?...

another year closer to death im so happy

i hope you m8s are having a good day


NEED a musician!!!!

2017-09-24 09:24:14 by Mrspringy

i NEED a musician for my animation im all ready done i just need music

is you know somebody who will make some music for free for not a good movie please tell my

and if you are somewhat a good musician and can make madness music tell me i will tell you what to do 

and here have a photo6159949_150625937612_n.png

thanks if you commented on this post not that usefull but i need music for this thing 

thank you old sports for reading this see ya later


Happy madness day!!

2017-09-22 09:21:20 by Mrspringy

happy madness day to all of you lovely  old sports 

my first ever madness day that im a member in this comunity and an active animator 

it has been a hell of a ride and i will still be a member and still animate madness till i die 

i love this cartoon and love the members and love krinkels (not gay tho)

so my animation will be done in october still i have to finish 2 scenes and find someone to do music if you guys know of somebody tell my pls .

see ya later old sports.

and happy madness day.

from mrspringy

Madness day is tomorow

2017-09-21 11:55:00 by Mrspringy

wow 2017s madness day is tomorow wow my first madness day while im a animator (not a good one tho :( ) incident going good still one scene to finish and one to create and then find someone to do music for my shit animation well hell thats going to be some fun see ya tomorow at madness day good day 


old sports 


he fuked

2017-09-05 09:16:50 by Mrspringy

6159949_150461737433_n.jpghe gona be ded

Bad boi

2017-08-28 05:50:21 by Mrspringy

6159949_150391380062_n.jpg  he ded

Ok nicey

2017-08-26 02:50:35 by Mrspringy

maybe a week ago i had 15 fans now i have 20 thanks so much even tho i didnt post shit but dont worry i will soon

what it will be? you ask it will be sneak peek on my new incident im working on called Incident:10IN hope youl enjoy it 


see you at 30 fans for now have a great day   OLD SPORTS 

10 fans wow

2017-08-13 10:49:52 by Mrspringy

so um...10 fans i guess umm...ayy im really happy about it

new tests coming up even a scene test then start going to some collabs maybe who knows(not me)

umm what else umm...i guess thats it for now bye for now


(update thanks for 15 fans and big big thanks to gibb50 for following thank you so much (ok now just need krinkel to follow i really think it  wont happen but it would be really good .. ok thanks and have a great day(planing maybe an incident not sure yet))


2017-07-25 10:37:42 by Mrspringy

not dead but on a long break here have a little test

i will be doing more test and maybe doing some incidents

and maybe even start creating movies who knows 

but anyway have  a wonderfull  day  all old sports